Amargo polywood panels

AMARGO with the addition of milled wood fraction are used, among others, in design industry, as joining elements for matching the birch plywood.

AMARGO polywood composite PP LIP + Wood is a composyte material created on the base of polypropylene and wood fraction in course of extrusion process.
Owing to special treatment of panels surface, they may be glued together, which allows to use the panels in design industry, as joining elements. The product is harmless and is allowed for a direct contact with food. Its additional advantage is a simplicity of reprocessing and recycling.

Maximum extruding width: 1,550 mm
Thickness: 1 – 5 mm
Length: 1,000 – 3,000 mm
At Customer requirement, the product is available in the rolls.

After the agreement with the Customer, PP/Wood panels may be covered with textiles at the production phase. It is possible to agree also the percentage of wood in the product.

Sectors of application

  • Furniture industry - finishing battens for tables, wardrobes, etc.
  • Motor industry - finishing of car trunks spaces, rear shelves, ceiling lining, dashboards, inner wheel arcs, fillers and finishing of doors, hardened floor covers
  • Constructing structures: panels joining