Food industry

Amargo® PPT panels made of propylene with the addition of talc, mineral fillers and stabilizers, are widely used in a food industry. They are certified and allowed for the direct contact with food (FDA – Foods and Drug Administration).

Owing to their physical and chemical features, they are used, among others, for the production of coverings for food sterilizers, and in the widely understood beverages and brewing industry, as well as in the production of other food products.

From PPT panels the open work trays, and liners used for sterilization process of preserves and cans in autoclaves.

Another type of Amargo® panels used in the food industry, are the high molecular density polyethylene panels of PE 500 HMW type, or ultra-high density type PE 1000 UHMW panels. This material is used for the production of professional cutting boards, table tops, slaughtering tables and slaughter blocks.