Loading stations coverings

Our products are used as a protective layer (and simultaneously as anti-sliding, corrugated layer) over the plywood panels mounted into the closed tarpaulin-covered trailers, containers and refrigerators. They are also applied as sliding and protective panel for covering of metal trailers (steel and aluminum trailers), which are commonly called "fry pans".

Besides the protection function (protection against abrasion / galling, as well as adhesion / gluing of material being transported, for example asphalt / loam, metal ores, etc.), the plastic layer ensures the complete water protection, heat insulation (which is especially important in course of bituminous / asphalt materials in winter conditions, at low ambient temperatures), and is almost totally resistant to  aggressive substances which may be transported.

Under the Customer requirement, there is a possiblity of molding and decoration of panels surface with special designs.

More photos of loading stations coverings