Our offer

Our comprehensive offer of plastic products  and semi-products includes a wide range of PE and PP panels with molded and foamed structure. They are characterized by extraordinarily wide range of application, as they may be used, for example, in food industry and agricultural reservoirs production, or in orthopedics. They are a good material for ceilings and walls at food sector enterprises, and may be used as a coating or protecting layer in cooling facilities. Our panels are applied in the production of fire reservoirs, grain silos and storage facilities for other bulk solids. They may be also used for chemical industry equipment production, as well as in manufacturing of acoustic screens, sound-absorbing elements, cases of machines, conditioning equipment and many others.

Moreover, our extruded and molded panels with a high molecular weight are applied for the production of preparation tables, table tops and cutting boards. They may be also applied as protecting and sliding elements for ships and boats in ports. Moreover, they are used for production of gear wheels, machines parts and components, self-lubricating transmissions, guides, bearing cases, cooling facilities components, chain wheels, canning and bottling lines, filling, sorting and packaging lines elements.

Besides the plastic semi-products manufacturing, we also offer the comprehensive services in customized welding of non-standard reservoirs  and any other prefabricated items for the industrial purposes.

Besides the production of plastic panels and their coupling equipment, such as TRIAC manual welding machine and automatic extruders, our offer includes the complete assortment of welding wires - material used for plastic elements coupling.

We offer also the complete assortment of pipes and fittings for butt and resistance welding. We offer the systems for the supplied reservoirs, and chemical industry systems - the chemically resistant pipes, fitting conforming with the parameters of chemically resistant plastic reservoirs.

We manufacture the circular and rectangular ventilation conduits.

We specialize in production of water reservoirs in premises and basements.

Our offer also includes the polyethylene pipes for hydrotransport, and floaters for hydrotransport pipes and power cables floating over the water surface.

AMARGO® also offers the most effective, simple to use artificial rinks and swimming pools for houses, hotels or gardens. For recreation sector, we also offer such elements as hockey and ice rinks facings, as well as gocart fields facings.

We offer the comprehensive support in a field of technical selection and installation of each product.

We invite you to see the details of our offer.