We offer a wide range of air cleaning equipment, including the absorbers, desorbers and biofilters for odors elimination, produced from cellular hard structural polypropylene panels  PPCO copolymer.

Reinforced polypropylene panels AMARGPanel® after the butt welding are installed as the ready walls of a given reservoir (or as a casing/protecting walls/resistance walls), and later are joined with hot air or with the use of extruder. The obtained structures are light-weight, and are moreover characterized with extraordinary resistance to loads and deformations.

The plastics - both polyethylene as polypropylene, are characterized with high resistance to the wide range of aggressive chemical substances (including any wastes, condensates, etc.). These materials are also resistant to corrosion and UV radiation.

The air arrives to biofilters through the general collector, which may also be constructed from the light-weight hard channel panels. On the connections the regulating dampers are mounted, while the air is distributed under the open-work floor – the raised PP-C polypropylene gratings. The equipment may operate in vacuum or under high pressure, while the flow resistance for the whole system is defined individually depending on the internal filling (open-work plastic layers, sprayed biological layer, natural filler or others).

There is also a possibility of mounting of various gases sensors  and continuous parameters registration sensors at inlet and outlet of filtering device. It allows to control the system effectiveness. The details of the applied solutions are discussed individually for each case, at the stage of preparation of the offer and/or executive project.

Filter work

The installation of filters is recommended or even required in case of occurrence of processes of migration of high potential of odorous substances.  In such a case a hermetic sealing of the given stage is required, along with the purification of gases in a compact biofiltering device.

After passing through the humidifier, the gases are transferred to the filtering or sorptive material encapsulated inside the container.   Later they pass through the biomass from the bottom upwards. In course of penetration through the biomass, the amount of odorous substances decreases. The components are primarily absorbed in aqueous layer of filtering material, and then oxidized by metabolic process of microorganisms.

The filtering material is not only the carrying material for microorganisms - it also forms the reservoir of nutritional components. It is necessary for the maintenance of biomass stability and effectiveness. Thus it is recommended to measure regularly the N/P/K components, and replenish them if required. It will allow to maintain the balance and effectiveness of the planned purification processes.

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AMARGPanel® MultiPower®

The elements of walls, reinforcements, biofilter floor, are made of AMARGPanel® MultiPower® type panels.

The open-work, heavy-load and corrosion-resistant floors of biofilters are made from polypropylene grates called PP grates.

To obtain more detailed information concerning the technical characteristics, matching of gases purification/deodorization process, calculation of loads resistance/statics of walls and reservoirs, required concentrations/reinforcements >> please contact us directly, preferably by sending a request via email


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