Process lines battens

AMARGO® besides the standard plastic semi-products, such as typical formats panels, offers also the customized processing of plastics. Depending on the particular order, the material may be cut by measure, milled, countersunk, processed with lathe machine, or CNC processed. Upon receiving the technical specification from the Customer, we prepare the product conforming with the order, or agree with the Customer a solution, which will optimally suit his requirements. Owing to application of the advanced technologies, we are able to implement even very complicated projects.

Example of application – wooden panels punches

One of the examples of application is a production of wooden panels punches from the extremely resistant plastic (PE HD PA6). By the Customers‘ order we have developed the technology of production from PE HMW 500 molded panels of an element, used for wooden panels and floor boards punching by mounting personnel. 

The material used had to be resistant to multiple hammer strikes, and to ensure the long-term stability of material, along with reliability of works with the end wall thickness of just 2.5 mm. 

After the molding process the material is subject to polyethylene surface planing and processing, and then it is precisely cut, faced at the numerically controlled machine and milled linearly with CNC type machines.

Example of application – kick battens

Another product created on a special request by one of our Customers was a kick batten, barriers used among others in ports, ships, shipyards, as well as protecting/kick/sliding battens in hypermarkets, cooling facilities, loading and storage facilities. For the production the abrasion, scratching and sliding resistant material, PE natur 500 HMW, HML – R / Ultra High Molecular Weight, has been used.

The facing of bottling lines elements, ice rinks facings, protecting battens, profiles, details, guides, flanges, gear wheels and tapes are made from polyethylene extrusion or molded panels of at least PE HD - PE 300 or PE 500 / 1000 class.

More photos of process lines battens


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