Production lines

The elements manufactured by AMARGO® are also applied on the production lines in various sectors of industry. One of the examples of high molecular density polyethylene panels application are the machines and process lines parts and components used for paper production - e.g. for water elimination: draining, sorting, dewatering in the strainers part.

The elements made of PE HMW and PE UHMW plastics are characterized by low wearing, high durability and exceptional sliding features. Additionally, we have the possibility of application of additional upgraders and fillers at the panel production stage (extrusion or molding) - for example, the glass balls, alumina or silicon oxides which improve significantly such parameters as durability and service life of the elements.

An additional AMARGO® advantage is the possibility of obtaining the panels dimensions and perforation matching the Customer requirements – we can process the materials while applying the CNC technologies, in conformity with the drawings provided by the Customer.

More photos of process lines