Panel slabs

Extremely hard and light-weight cellular panels from PPCO polypropylene and HDPE polyethylene are characterized with versatile application possibilities. The panels are used as semi-products for execution of more complicated orders, such as construction of reservoirs, biofilters, scrubbers, filters, carports, ventilation ducts, and even small boats.

AMARGPanel® panels represent the all-purpose material, and their final application may be limited only with imagination and needs of the Customer. Depending on the intended application, we produce panels from various plastics. If the final product will be used for potable water, we produce panels from special plastic having the  certificates of Polish National Institute of Hygiene, PZH. For applications which do not require welding (the joining may be performed with system profiles), and sealing characteristics are not so extremely important, as the attractive price, the panels are produced with the addition of tested regranulated materials / shredding.

Examples of panels application

  • production of biofilters, drainages from waste water cleaning plants chambers, absorbers of odors, etc.
  • casings for machines, equipment, including the equipment with high noise level
  • ice containers
  • rectangular water reservoirs
  • small boats building
  • pontoon boats for process pipelines in water reservoirs
  • cooling reservoirs, insulation, casings
  • painting cabins
  • plant pots, walking bridges
  • protective sheds
  • light-weight portable sanitary cabins, social premises, sanitary rooms, showers, dressing rooms, containers, etc.
  • light-weight, easy to install and durable partition walls - intended specially for premises subject to high and very high humidity
  • soundproof compartments
  • abrasion-resistant panels
  • ventilation ducts
  • containers for feed, bulk materials, storage silos
  • capturing baths, draining trays
  • protective covers
  • container sewage water treatment plants
  • industrial installations ducts

Main panel advantages

  • high hardness and stability of 50/50 mm panels module - possibility of construction of multiple rectangular polypropylene reservoirs without the need of internal hardening elements
  • high resistance to wear
  • absence of internal material tensions
  • low weight - easy transportation, handling and mounting
  • good insulating characteristics - low thermal conductivity
  • easy processing - cutting, drilling, milling, CNC processing
  • total welding ability
  • high chemical resistance
  • absence of corrosion effect
  • easy for cleaning, unlimited disinfection and pressurized washing possibilities
  • resistance to microorganisms and fungi
  • good sliding characteristics
  • high cracking resistance
  • all-purpose applications and use in food, processing, chemical industry and agriculture
  • very low water absorption, no swelling
  • resistance to weather conditions (UV stabilization) and low temperatures

Panels in potable and fire water storage reservoirs

Panels in large water storage reservoirs

Panels in biofilters, sewage water treatment facilities

Panels in reagent reservoirs

Panels in chemically resistant partition walls

Panels in coal filtering chambers


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