High and ultra-high density panels

AMARGO® offer includes the panels made of high molecular density (PE 500) and ultra-high molecular density (PE 1000) polyolefins. These panels, in comparison with metals and other materials, are extremely resistant to wear and abrasion. It makes them ideally suitable for the processing with cutting, drilling, rolling and milling. However, due to its characteristics, PE 500 is hardly welded material, while for PE 1000 the welding is almost impossible.

Within the provision of comprehensive services, we can provide further treatment of produced panels with computer-controlled CNC lines and processing machines. Owing to processing machines, AMARGO offers not only the "raw" PE 500 HMW / 1000 UHMW panels, but finished parts produced in compliance with the specification provided.

Applications and technical specification

The examples of application of extruded and molded PE 500HMW and PE 1000UHMW panels:

  • slaughter tables, table tops and cutting boards, slaughter blocks in food industry
  • protecting and sliding barriers and battens for ships and boats in the ports.
  • gear wheels, parts and components of the machines, self-lubricating transmissions, guides, sliders, bearing cases, sliding bushes
  • doors in the factories, cooling and freezing facilities, protecting battens
  • strainers, sieves, presses components
  • blanking die undercoats
  • chain wheels, guides
  • canning and bottling lines
  • pouring, sorting and packaging lines elements
  • floor coverings for chutes, ramps, pitches, loading and reloading areas (of send, coal, grain, other bulk materials), silos, coal wagons, trucks semitrailers
  • bulk materials industry
  • paper, printing and textile industry
  • chemically resistant pumps components (casings, rotors), components of fans, filters
  • water sports products

More applications examples with descriptions and photos you will find in the section APPLICATIONS. We invite you to see our offer and to send your request concerning the products you are interested in.

PE 500 and PE 1000 panels, in comparison to standard panels (for example, PE 300), have significantly better parameters in following area:

  • abrasion resistance
  • anti-adhesiveness
  • hardness (for example, flexibility module for PE 500 is equal to 1000 MPa, against 800 MPa for PE 300)
  • sliding characteristics
  • resistance to cutting, channeling
  • water absorption
  • friction factor
  • high capacity to prevent materials adherence
  • self-lubrication
  • radiation resistance
  • processing simplicity
  • high surface resistance
  • notch resilience
  • temperature range for application
  • vibration damping

After the elapsing of plastic service life, the regeneration of some part of components or recycling of plastic without environment pollution are possible.
PE 500 and PE 1000 AMARGO® panels production possibility:

  • thickness 5 to 50 (in cooperation up to max 200) mm
  • formats 1000x2000, 1500x3000, 2000x4000 mm
  • production as extruded sheets and molded sheets (processed - with planning, or non-processed)
  • possibility of production with ECO recycling material addition
  • anti-static version, electrically conductive material

If you have not found the required product / plastic / type – please email to produkcja@amargo.pl – we will answer you about the production possibilities,  minimum volumes, etc.

More photos of high and ultra-high density panels


Sciągnij Plik AMARGO płyty PE 500 R dane techniczne
Sciągnij Plik AMARGO płyty prasowane heblowane UHMWPE 1000 dane techniczne
Sciągnij Plik AMARGO płyty prasowane nieobrabiane UHMWPE 1000 R dane techniczne
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