Polypropylene and polyethylene panels

AMARGO® offer includes the extrusion of a wide range of cast and foamed structure flat panels. Almost freely, in course of 24 hours, we offer the supplies of standard panels. Under special order, we also produce the panels of non-standard dimensions, or from non-standards mixtures with special characteristics.

The panels extrusion is performed at advanced Krause Mafei line, with application of original raw materials - granulates supplied by reputable European manufacturers. After individual agreement with a Customer, especially considering the environmental aspects, we can use the recycled materials for production.

AMARGO® production possibilities:

  • thickness from 1 to 20 mm
  • width from 500 to 2,000 mm
  • flat sheets length from 800 mm to 4,000 mm (such limitation has rather logistical character related to palettes dimensions, and not the production one)
  • panels rolled into coils – the roll length up to 50 m
  • standard colors: natural, black, beige, white, cyan, blue, dark blue, light green, black green, orange, and other RAL colors for individual agreement
  • panels extrusion with additives or fillers - talc, UV radiation stabilizers, wood fractions, wax, flame retardant substances, substances allowing the free discharge of electric charges, glass balls, alumina or silicon oxides
  • backed panels, which means the panels with the underlaid textile, which makes easier the gluing (such solution is applied, for example, in case of reservoirs, multi-layer structures, in furniture industry, construction shutter forms, floor coverings of loading facilities, wagons and trucks trailers)
  • panels covered with final cover textile (applied, inter alia, in motor industry (in car trunk components)
  • panels with a flush, opaque or anti-sliding surface (so called orange skin)
  • panels with surface covered with a protective film
  • anti-static version panels

Storage standards are as follows: PE HD class 300 black color RAL 9004, PP-H / PP-C beige color RAL7032 - format 3,000x1,500, 4,000x2,000, 2,000x1,000, thicknesses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 mm. We also produce the panels in other variants, for non-standard applications, even in small lots. The time of production may vary from 7 to 14 days.


AMARGO® production panels have a wide range of application. The products made of these panels are used in various industry sectors, as well as in the everyday life. Below you will find the list of examples of application of plastics semi-products. Some part of these products is also included into AMARGO® offer:


  • storage reservoirs for water, household sewage water, industrial waste water, chemical agents
  • process reservoirs applied in galvanizing and chemical industry: etching and galvanizing baths, zinc, chromium and nickel coating lines
  • reservoirs for use in food industry and agriculture
  • food containers
  • orthopedics - orthopedic equipment
  • ceilings and walls in food sector facilities, cooling and freezing facilities – as a covering – protective layer resistant to pressurized washing, brushing, disinfection with any chemical substances
  • fire water reservoirs
  • silos for grain and other bulk materials
  • ventilation components and systems (resistant to hight humidity, gases, aggressive evaporations), also in flame retardant versions
  • chemical industry equipment
  • components of valves, dampers, rain flaps
  • electric switchboards panels
  • sound-absorbing shields, components of sound insulation, machines and air conditioners casings
  • sound insulation systems
  • special noise absorbing railway baseplates
  • chemically resistant coverings of the reservoirs
  • floor coverings for chutes, pipes, channels, gutters
  • cables protective casings
  • PE and PP pipelines elements
  • sewage water and water measuring wells
  • composting facilities
  • sewage water treatment plants
  • lids and separators
  • protecting barriers for ships and boats
  • slaughter tables and cutting boards
  • swimming pools
  • sliding boards and other playing grounds and gardens equipment
  • machines and equipment casing and components
  • hockey and recreation ice rinks fencing
  • synthetic panels for whole-year ice rinks
  • packaging sector, including the multiple-unit industrial packaging
  • heat forming

Panels joining methods and equipment

Depending on the panel type and its application, there may be several methods of panel joining:

  • butt welding
  • welding with hot air, with application of TRIAC or extruder
  • mechanical joints for floor coverings
  • adhesive joints, especially for backed panels


AMARGO® is also a distributor of high-class equipment for panels joining - butt welding machines for workshops and welding machines of such types as TRIAC and extruder.
We also produce the highest quality welding wires, including the wires of non-standard profiles / colors / plastics.

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Polypropylene and polyethylene panels production

Examples of application of polypropylene and polyethylene panels


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