Water reservoirs

The water storage reservoirs, provision of emergency feeding of fire extinguishing system and fire hydrants systems / potable water reserve / process water reservoirs / treated water reservoirs / overflow reservoirs / swimming pools reservoirs.

Fire extinguishing / water reservoirs AMARGTank® PE HD or reservoirs made of AMARGPanel® PP H / COPO Multipower panels are specially intended for installation inside the premises and basements – due to the light structure of ribbed plastic panel they may be installed/assembled directly at site. The main purpose of the reservoir is the emergency feeding (water reserve – the tank - buffer) and aligning of too low water pressure (through the connection to water pressure system and pipelines installed in the house), especially in the networks with significant height - for example, in high rise buildings. Other functions / applications / purpose of the produced reservoirs: potable water reservoir, buffer reservoir and overflow reservoir.
AMARGTank® reservoirs are produced in function of needs and possibilities, whether at AMARGO® production site (and later transported as a final cubical product), whether at the Customer site – especially in cases of already existing houses, where the door openings and passages prevent the insertion of a reservoir into the required premise.

More and more often the reservoirs are mounted in  narrow basements of existing buildings, where there is no possibility of installation of a ready reservoir - in such a case the semi-product / prefabricates / reservoir walls elements / modular panels / PP-COPO panels / MOD20 coffers are brought to the premise, and then all these elements are joined, screwed and welded with extrusion welding. Then the required stub pipes, control equipment and instrumentation are mounted.

Fire water reservoirs types

We offer mainly two types of fire water reservoirs:

The reservoirs produced from the forms, with rotational molding technology PE-HD / PE-LD:

Such method allows to insert the product to the place of installation through the standard 80 cm entrances. In order to obtain the required volume, the reservoirs are connected in serial and in parallel into the reservoirs batteries, with application of simple and easy-to-use fittings, which are also included into AMARGO® offer.

Customized reservoirs made from AMARGPanel MultiPower semi-products:

For the reservoirs production the advanced modular reinforced sandwich panels of 50 mm thickness from MultiPower PP-COPO UV durable plastic, AMARGPE HD, PP-H / PP-C flat extruded panels, and PP MOD20 lighted ribbed structural wall coffers are mainly used.

The dimensions and weight of ribbed modular panels, prefabricated segments, equipment, stub pipes, piping and coffers, allow to insert the walls elements to the premises with a difficult access. We transport to the Customer the prefabricated elements produced at our site. The installation is performed at place, by the extrusive welding / heating with application of attested binding material. If it is required, after the statical / construction calculations, the reservoirs may be additionally reinforced with ribbed plastic bends – hardening elements and vertical / horizontal bars, or steel carcase, painted, zinc-coated or covered supporting profiles.
Depending on the requirements and conditions of installation (extremal ambient temperature, flow rate and liquid temperature, outdoor installation, etc.) the reservoir may be insulated with polyurethane / mineral wool / polystyrene foam, and protected against freezing.

The materials applied, especially for the production of potable reservoirs / household needs reservoirs, comply with the most rigorous requirements of quality standards and possess the certificates / test results confirmations (for physiological neutrality) issued by the State Institute of Hygiene PZH in Warsaw.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen – despite the sincere wishes, it is rather difficult to describe transparently and briefly all the possibilities of production of the reservoirs from AMARGO® panels, thus we invite you to send any questions by email, st the address: produkty@amargo.pl We shall do our best to meet all your expectations!

Below we place the information brochure and specifications for semi-products used for construction of the cubical reservoirs described above. The circular type reservoirs in horizontal / vertical installation (drums) are welded from flat cast extruded panels.

The reservoir matched to the premise shape

Reservoirs from extruded – molded polypropylene panels


Reservoirs made of PP-COPO panels


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