Besides the produced products and semi products, we also offer the services of technical selection and installation of each element.

Our team of experts will advice you the best solutions and parameters of our products. They will give you valuable recommendation, and provide all information about the use of products.

Owing to long-years experience our opinion is trustworthy and is always confirmed by practice.

Besides standard production and extruding of typical panels or other products, AMARGO® offers the individually tailored products.

Usually, the Customer submits us a request for non-standard product, or even for final application, specifies the technical characteristics, requirements, norms, types, packages, covering with film, dimensions and tolerances. We inform the Customer on the possibilities of a concrete production line. We start the production of trial batch, perform the required tests, and the certification if required. If it is required by the Customer procedures, we perform the certification and quality audit, and only then we pass to the serial production

Our project implementations are based over the individual designs. We always develop the customer-tailored solutions, customized according to Customer needs and expectations. Along with the performance of orders, we try to transfer the solutions related to our products.

If you need our products only sporadically, for a short period of time, for example in order to test the technology, we offer the possibility of leasing.

Besides the plastic products and semi-products manufacturing, we also offer the comprehensive services in customized welding, cutting of and standard and non-standard prefabricates intended for industrial purposes.

In performance of individual orders, we use our more than ten-years experience, obtained in course of implementation of various complicated, non-standard projects, requiring the engineering knowledge and many technical consultations.